Liang Jiongxun

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Liang Jiongxun, now 96 years old, is a native of Kaiping, Guangdong. Before liberation, he studied at the Guangzhou Municipal Art College, of which Gao Jianfu was the principal, and is a second-generation heir to the Lingnan School of Painting.
He is currently the president of the North American Association of Painting and Calligraphy Artists, the senior painting group leader of the New York Poetry, Painting and Chess Club, the art advisor of the Global Artists Alliance, the honorary president of the Paris Society of Painting and Calligraphy in France, the visiting professor of Guangdong Baiyun College, and the honorary president of the World Liang Cultural Center in Thailand.
After his retirement in 1992, he became involved in painting and calligraphy education. He has been invited to give lectures at New York University (NYU) and St. John’s University in the United States. Many Chinese and Western students have studied Chinese painting and calligraphy and framing techniques with him.

Representative Works