Liang Jiaxin

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Liang Jiaxin, born in 1980, graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in calligraphy teaching and creation and studied with Mr. Chen Jingshu, Mr. Chen Qiuming, a famous calligrapher in Lingnan, and Professor Wu Huiping of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently a member of the Guangdong Calligraphers Association, Guangdong Couplet Association, Guangdong Young Artists Association Art Education Art Committee, Guangzhou Calligraphers Association, Yuexiu District Calligraphers Association, Seal Carving Committee and Education Committee, Liwan District Calligraphers and Painters Association, Lingnan Seal Society, Nan Yue Seal Society, Guangzhou Chinese Painting Society, etc. He specializes in the official script, regular script, and seal carving, as well as the running script, cursive script, and other calligraphic styles.

Representative Works