Liang Guoning

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Liang Guoning, male, 63 years old, has a college degree. In 1979, he participated in literary creation, calligraphy, and art study class held by the General Political Department of the Air Force and the Ministry of Culture on the theme of the self-defense war on the Sino-Vietnam border. He has certain attainments in regular script, running script, official script, and even cursive script. In September 1999, he won a special gold medal in the National Folk Arts and Crafts Calligraphy Exhibition and was awarded the title of “Cross-Straits Virtuous Artist”; in October 2001, he won a gold medal in the exhibition of famous calligraphers and painters at home and abroad in Hong Kong; he was awarded the Taishan Huang Haochuan Arts and Culture Foundation Award for many times. In October 2001, he won a gold medal in the Hong Kong and overseas calligraphy and painting exhibition.

Representative Works