Leif Zhang

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LEIF ZHANG, named Chi, Li Fu, Zhi Ru, Guo Lao. He is a Chinese scholar, poet, collector, connoisseur, entrepreneur, senior national artist, and a figure in the legacy of China’s century-old giants. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Federation of Culture and Arts, Wall Street Capital Group, Eco New Energy Limited, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rui Fuxiang New York International Limited.
Mr. Li Fu has been teaching in Hefei High School in China since the 1980s, and started a school-run factory, i.e., donated funds to build a school building in Hefei High School, and carried out work to help the elderly. In his spare time, he also studied Chinese ancient and modern Chinese, Tang and Song poetry, Jin and Ming painting and calligraphy, and Yuan and Qing antique art.
His ancient and modern poems, calligraphy and painting artworks, and couplets of Chinese names are loved by people from all walks of life in China and abroad.

Representative Works