Huang Senmin

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Huang Senmin, alias Xin Song Shan Ren, was born in Taishan, Guangdong. He is a member of the Guangzhou Calligraphers Association, a director of the Guangzhou Calligraphers Association, a former vice chairman of the Yuexiu District Calligraphers Association, and a member of the seventh and eighth sessions of the Yuexiu District Federation of Literary and Art Circles. He has been invited to inscribe the names of ten 27,000-ton ocean-going vessels such as “Peaceful Pine, Auspicious Pine, Lucky Pine, Happy Pine, Peony Pine, Azalea Pine, Cottonwood Pine, Bauhinia Pine, Lotus Pine” for large national shipping enterprises, as well as the “Yihe Hot Spring City” in Taishan, Guangdong, “Ecological Stone Base” in Guangzhou, “Lianchong Park” in Taishan, and “Lianchong Park” in Guangzhou. Lianchong Park”, “Baisha Park” and “New Garden” in Taishan, and “Dushan Qiaokan”, etc.

Representative Works