Huang Guoneng

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Huang Guoneng, born in 1953 in Shuibu, Taishan, Guangdong, now lives in Philadelphia, USA. He has a passion for Chinese culture and art, especially for traditional Chinese calligraphy, and has been studying and working hard on various ancient texts. He often participates in calligraphy and painting exhibitions in China and the United States. His calligraphy works have won many awards of excellence and his ink is often collected by enthusiasts.
He is currently the chairman of Philadelphia Golden Gateway City, the managing director of New York Tuanzhong Love Scholarship Foundation, the director of New York Poetry, Painting, and Chess Club, the vice president of New York Art and Painting Institute, and the calligraphy and painting advisor of New York Global Bard. 2018 was included in the Who’s Who of Contemporary International Masters and Masters Anthology.

Representative Works