Huang Chunyun

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Huang Chunyun, formerly known as Huang Muwang, was born in 1947 in Tingjiang, Fuzhou, China. He studied under the famous painter Chen Zifen, and also studied the techniques of Ren Bonian, Wu Changshuo, Shitao, and Bada Shanren, and gradually formed his own style by taking the best from all. His works have a wide range of subjects, and he likes to paint eagles, such as soaring with wings, standing proudly with their heads held high, and fighting in the long sky, all of which symbolize the unyielding integrity and endless struggle. In December 2009, Huang Chunyun’s paintings were exhibited in Flushing, New York by the Asian Institute of St. John’s University and the Chinese-American Society of America, and the organizers presented Huang Chunyun with the “Outstanding Contribution Award”. He is currently the President of the Chinese Artists Association of America, the President of the New York Chinese Painting Institute, the Vice President of the American Academy of Calligraphy and Seal Carving, the Art Advisor of the Fuzhou Xiaguang Painting Institute, and the Honorary President of the Apricot Village Painting and Calligraphy Institute.

Representative Works