Feng Wenyuan

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Feng Wenyuan, a male, born in October 1946, is a native of Enping City, Guangdong. Now he is a member of Jiangmen Calligraphers Association, Jiangmen Old Cadres, and Guangdong Old Cadres Calligraphy, Painting, Poetry, and Photographers Association. In June 1996, he attended the Chinese Academy of Calligraphy (Qingdao) and received instruction from famous calligraphers such as Zhang Hai, Sun Boxiang, Liu Bingsen, Liu Zhengcheng, Nie Chengwen, Lin Cui, Shi Kai, and others. He often studied the postings of “Er Wang”, “Mi Fu”, “Wen Zhengming”, “Wang Duo” and “Dong Qichang”. His works of calligraphy have grown over time, with a dazzling spirit, vivid charm, and a bookish atmosphere, and are highly regarded and favored by people from all walks of life, whose innovative writing of the Hundred Blessings has entered the homes of ordinary people in recent years. In addition, his works have been exhibited many times in the provinces and cities and some of them have won awards, among which the line calligraphy of Jiang Zemin’s poem “Cold River Snow Willow Day New Clear” has been compiled by China International Publishing House into the “Chinese contemporary calligraphers and painters works anthology”.

Representative Works