Aisin Gioro Bao Yong

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Aisin Gioro Bao Yong, Manchu, the family of Aisin Gioro in Changbai Mountain, Aisin Gioro Bao Lang A’s fourteenth generation direct grandson. Member of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Chengdu Manchu-Mongolian People’s Learning Committee Art Center Minister, the World Chinese Calligraphers Union Deputy Secretary-General, China Bodhi Painting and Calligraphy Institute Executive Vice President [Beijing], China Fan Art Society Fan Rong Branch Art Director, Senior Advisor to the Federation of Thai artists, China Public Welfare Sichuan Fusi Painting and Calligraphy Institute Honorary President, Sichuan Chaguanmen Painting and Calligraphy Institute Vice President and Secretary-General, Sichuan Painting Art Institute Art Committee member, the Member of the American International Academy of Culture.

Representative Works